Credit Reports for Tenant Screening

Credit data for tenant screening needs

Online and offline credit report formats, data exports, and more

Credit Reporting Services can help you navigate the difficult task of vetting and determining the quality of potential tenants. Our leading cutting-edge screening and credit report products will help ensure all of your tenants meet or exceed your qualifying requirements. Utilization of these products may help with limiting your exposure to potential legal actions and non-payment of rent.
Pulling a credit report to determine your potential tenant’s payment history is paramount to the tenant screening process. Credit Reporting services can provide soft pull credit reports as an intricate part of this process. Once the soft-pull credit report is accessed from TransUnion® or Equifax® and the potential tenant is deemed to meet your requirements, you can invite the candidate to make a formal application for a rental.

As part of the tenant approval process, Credit Reporting Services can provide a Criminal and Eviction report to assist with the approval process. This information together with a hard inquiry tri-merged report from all three bureaus assures you the highest quality tenants helping you avoid the costly process of collections for non-payment of rent.

In the instance where candidates may have limited credit history, but appear to meet all other qualifications, Credit Reporting Services can assist with adding prior rental payment history to your candidate’s credit report. We offer a bureau-approved automated process of quickly adding this data to the potential tenant’s credit report to assist with the qualification process.

All of this data is available via our Credit API allowing for a simple integration to your platform to bring all of this data together for a quick tenant approval process.

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